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If you're thinking of selling your home in the next few months or so, consider the appearance of your home from the buyer's perspective. Buyers want shiny and new, so if your home lacks certain updates, take a little time to spruce things up to ensure the "wow" factor!

1. Replace old fixtures and hardware This goes for the kitchen and bathrooms - simple changes, like updated hardware, really take away from the dated look of cabinets themselves. If you're particularly crafty, check out the next one.

2. Paint cabinets and replace backsplashes Again in the kitchen and bath, take a weekend and paint your cabinets! Do a little research on cabinetry painting first - the previous owner of my home did this incorrectly and my white cabinets peel when you look at them the wrong way, to reveal the dark brown wood beneath. What wonders a new backsplash will do in a kitchen or bathroom.

3. Add crown molding Living areas are a good place to start. Generally, ceiling heights are the same throughout the home, and crown molding draws the eyes up to create an illusion of height.

4. Remove extra-old features such as wallpaper, wood paneling, and popcorn ceilings. If anything, a coat of white paint would help wood paneling, depending on the style. There seems to be a trend with shiplap and it may add to the charm of your home!

5. Finally, the easiest fix is curb appeal. Add some small plants and mulch to your landscaping.