May 15, 2020

Buying a Foreclosed Home

"I'm looking for a good deal!"

Buying a Foreclosure - Oceanside Realty PartnersWho isn't? Most people believe REOs are a "good deal", and that buying a foreclosed home is the only way to get a good deal. "REO" or Real Estate Owned is the actual term for a foreclosed home - "Foreclosure" is the process ...

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April 19, 2019

5 Low-Cost Projects to Increase Home Value

Oceanside Realty Partners Blog

If you're thinking of selling your home in the next few months or so, consider the appearance of your home from the buyer's perspective. Buyers want shiny and new, so if your home lacks certain updates, take a little time to spruce things up to ensure the "wow ...

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March 15, 2019

What is a Humidistat?

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The Treasure Coast has become an increasingly popular seasonal destination for many reasons. Many homes and condos around here are only used seasonally - most have been equipped with humidistats. This is the secondary box usually located next to the thermostat. Most homeowners leave specific setting instructions posted next to these ...

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